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Trekking Essentials for Treks in Maharashtra

We have made a list of trekking gear which can be useful for treks in Maharashtra. These are not "Things to carry" for one particular trek but a general trekking gear list, which can be useful depending on the season and treks. Read the entire post for better understanding. Feel free to Whatsapp us on 7400174767 (Click here) for any query regarding the same.

1. Trekking Shoes and Full Length Socks
Trekking shoes are a must. They provide excellent grip and great comfort in all seasons. Good trekking shoes can make your trek much easier and can boost your confidence to trek comfortably. We recommend Coaster CTR Shoes (Ankle Support and Non-ankle both variants available) for treks in Maharashtra. Avoid other expensive brands as they are made for Himalayan treks and not for Maharashtra. Also, full length synthetic socks (avoid cotton) are recommended and not ankle length ones. For more details about trek shoes, Click here.

2. Trekking Bag
One can use any backpack (avoid sling bags) for trekking but if you are trekking regularly you can invest in a trekking bag which has
a) Bungee cord to keep your sleeping mat/ sleeping bag
b) Strap for trekking pole
c) Cushion/back support for better comfort
d) Waist/chest strap for better weight distribution.

Trek Bag.png

3. Quick Dry Full Sleeves Tshirt
We recommend full sleeves t-shirt for better protection from sun/insects on treks. If you do not wish to wear full sleeves, you can also wear half-sleeve t-shirt and buy sleeves to cover your arms when needed. Also, quick dry material is far better overall as it dries out quickly and provides better breathability of material so your sweat won't be locked inside. Avoid cotton clothes as they will get all sweaty which won't dry up quickly and will stink later.

4. Quick Dry Track Pant
We recommend full track pant with zippers or pockets so that you can carry your phone and other important stuff for quick access. Avoid wearing shorts for better protection from insects, thorns, etc. Quick dry material helps as it dries out very quickly. Avoid cotton track pants and jeans or other trousers.

5. Monsoon Essentials
In monsoon, when most number of people trek, one can use Windcheater if you do not want to get wet along with rain cover for back pack and a mobile cover for protection from rain.

6. Winter Essentials
In winter, temperature goes below 15 degrees only at night in Maharashtra. So one need not carry a lot for protection from cold. But for nights or early mornings, one can carry a fleece jacket / thick hoodie and a woolen cap. 

7. Water Bottle or Hydration Bag
One must carry 2 liters of water on a trek. If taking out water bottle every now and then feels like a hassle then one can carry a hydration bag of 2-3 liters capacity and fit it in bag and sip through the pipe at convenience.

8. Head and Face Protection
One can use a cap, sunglasses and a bandana for better protection of face/head and neck.

9. Sleeping Bag
Sleeping bag is very useful on treks with overnight stay/camping. You can avoid carrying a blanket, bedsheet/mat and just carry a sleeping bag instead. If the camp surface is very rough you might need a mat but otherwise sleeping bags acts all in one solution which weigh less than 1 kg and are compact as well as foldable to carry easily in backpacks. You can buy sleeping bag of 10 or 15 degrees. Do not buy sleeping bag for below 10 degree temperature as, it will be heavy and too warm for the climate of Maharashtra.

10. Head Torch
On night treks or even while camping head torch is very useful. Trekkers can keep their hands free due to head torch which is not the case with other hand torches. They come in 2 variants battery operated and chargeable ones. The cost depends on lumens and overall quality. Higher the lumens, higher is the battery power and visibility reach.

Sleeping Bag.jpg
Head Torch.png

11. Trek Pole
If you use two trek poles, you consume a lot less energy than you do without a trek pole. It makes the climb easy, less tiring and can be helpful during descend as well putting less pressure on knee. If not two, one can also carry one trek pole.

Trek Pole.png

12. Knee Band
If you trek regularly, then this accessory is a must. Knee bands are extremely useful especially during steep and long descend. You feel less pressure on your knee and can avoid injuries.

Knee Support.png

When to buy these things ?
Trek shoes are a must on all treks. So buy even if you plan to do trek once or twice a year. Quick dry t-shirt/ Track pant/ Cap/ Sunglasses/ Bandana/ Windcheater/ Rain Cover/ Mobile Cover can be used even otherwise than on treks. So one can invest in the same even on first trek. Trek bag/ Hydration Bag/ Trekking Pole/ Knee Band - one can buy only if they trek regularly. Sleeping bag/ Head Torch - one should buy only if you plan to do many overnight treks/camping.

We hope this article was useful. All the above items are available at local shops or at branded stores like Decathlon. Buy as per your budget and necessity.


Where to find trek gears ?
1. Decathlon has shops at Worli, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Thane, Belapur, Dahisar, Malad and Andheri - can be easily found on Google Maps.
2. Mountain Sports Academy, Gorai, Borivali
(Map Link)
3. Climb-On Adventure Store, Mulund (Map Link)
4. Jainson Umbrella Manufacturer, Thane (Map Link)
5. Add-Venture India, Belapur (Map Link)


Images Source : Decathlon and MSA Website. The above images are used for representative purpose only and not for promotion.

For any query, please feel free to WhatsApp or call us on 7400174767 (Click here) between 9 am to 9 pm.

Happy Trekking !

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