Best Shoes for Trekking in Maharashtra

At the start of every season we see new bunch of trekkers coming for treks, especially in monsoon. Most of these trekkers come unprepared on the treks in terms of fitness, trekking gears etc. In this blog we are going to discuss about the most important trekking gear i.e. Trekking Shoes.

First time trekkers often come in sports shoes and some even come in sandals and floaters. While this not just invites injuries but can be life threatening.


Following are some disadvantages of doing treks without proper trekking shoes.

a) Grip : Non-Trekking shoes provide hardly any or no grip especially in monsoon when the trails are wet and muddy.

b) Durability : Sports shoes and other non-trekking shoes do not have a rugged sole or a material that is made for mountains and hence most of these shoes get damaged within one or two treks, either the sole come off or the material gets damaged.

c) Protection : Sports shoes do not have enough protection on toes or ankles at times which can lead to some injury.

d) Cost : Trekking shoes which we are going to recommend will cost between Rs. 900 to 1600. Some running or sports shoes which trekkers buy before coming on treks can be very costly in comparison to trekking shoes we recommend.

Following are the Trekking shoes which we recommend to our trekkers to trek in Maharashtra or any western ghat treks.

1. Action Trekking (Campus Trekking)
These are the best trekking shoes we have used till date in Maharashtra. They provide excellent grip on all terrains in Maharashtra, hence can be used in any season. They come in 2 variants, normal and high ankle, can buy as per your choice. High ankle shoes always have the extra protection but can be a little heavy. Also durability wise these shoes can last you few years even if you are a regular trekker. Currently the availability of these shoes are limited in online or offline stores but can ask in local small shops which keep Campus Shoes they might have these. Please do not fall for other models of Campus, these are the only trekking shoes they sell which are currently not in stock. If these are not available, can go for other options mentioned below.

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Campus Action Trekking Shoes

2. Coaster CTR (Add-Gear CTR Trekking Shoes)
These shoes also provide excellent grip because of the gum sole which are anti-skid, so it may provide a better grip on wet surface. Comparitively these may be a little heavier than Action Trekking but provide equally good comfort and a better grip. They also come in normal and high ankle versions, can buy as per your choice. They are available in 6 to 11UK Sizes on amazon, will be hard to find on retail shops. Also the color and size can be a problem while you order online but these are the easiest available and best trekking shoes right now for treks in Maharashtra.

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Coaster CTR Trekking Shoes

3. Unistar Hiking Boots
We do not highly recommend these shoes, the reason is that it does not have good cushion and not the great grip in comparison to Action or CTR. However these are light weight and are available in UK 5 to 12 sizes on amazon, so those who can not find their size in Action or CTR they can go for these shoes. Keep this as your last option, buy only if you can not get Action or CTR.

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Unistar Hiking Boots

Shoes to Avoid :
Any shoes which has these colorful or white sole which is foam based and not rubber or other rugged sole, avoid them, they do not provide good grip and will get damaged soon. Apart from that you can find many expensive trekking shoes in Decathlon or Woodland and other such stores. Those are trekking shoes but are not meant for terrains of Maharashtra. The shop owner might tell you that decathlon or other shoes are good even on wet surfaces but they are not in our 10 years of exerience so avoid at all costs. Also it doesn't mean expensive shoes are better shoes, Decathlon and Woodland may cost much higher but they are made for Himalayan Treks and for Snow Treks and not for Treks in Maharashtra, these shoes will be as bad as any other sports shoes you use especially in Monsoon season they slip badly.

Screenshot (4)_edited.jpg

Buying right trekking shoes will not only give you the comfort or the grip but will take your confidence to trek a notch higher. Sports shoes may be light weight and have large use case but they might end up giving you nightmares on treks so buy the right shoes before coming on treks.


To sum things up, currently CTR shoes can be the best available option. Buy and use it a little before the trek so you do not get shoe bite, wear full socks rather than ankle socks, they provide better protection.

If you are a first time or an amateur trekker, you can check our full fledged blog for the entire check list. Blog Link (Click Here)

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Happy Trekking !