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About Us

We are a adventure/trekking group in Maharashtra, also member of MAC (Maharashtra Adventure Council). We officially started operating back in 2015 and have organized more 300 events so far. We are not just into organizing treks but we also organize camping, waterfall rappelling, river rafting, backpacking tours and much more.

Our team is committed towards your safety and overall good experience.


Why Mumbai Trekkers ?

A decade ago, trekking was not as popular as it is now, social media and other digital platforms made a huge difference and trekking gained momentum. However, people were still hesitant to go because of two main reasons, lack of information and affordability.
When our founders started Mumbai Trekkers, they had already documented more than 50 different treks for themselves, and even though the information is easily available online, using that information is not easy for everyone when they go on treks, hence our founders decided to start organizing treks for people and at the same time kept exploring new treks.

Trekking usually attracts young people including students who are always on a tight budget for weekend activities. Our founders also started trekking when they were students and had a tight budget and always looked for budget treks near Mumbai, hence they knew this very well so they decided to organize treks which can fit many pockets. We are not non-profit organization, however we aim to be as cost effective as possible keeping in mind the safety and overall experience of our participants.

Apart from that, Maharashtra has hundreds of forts/treks, and only handful of them are popular, we aim to bring more off-beat treks in limelight. Also we strongly believe and promote trekking without any harm to environment and ecosystem.

With this vision and values, we wish to introduced trekking to many people and bring them closer to nature.



Ameet Shet

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Chartered Accountant by profession and Trekker by passion. He is trekking since 2010 and has done more than 300 treks in Maharashtra. He is a huge cricket fan and loves to cook in his free time. 


Kartik Mehta

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He is trekking since 2009 and has done more than 250 treks including few Himalayan treks. Apart from trekking, he has also traveled to many parts of India. 

Core Team Members


Rajeev Baravdia

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Fitness Trainer/Coach by profession and Trekker by passion. He has done more than 150 treks in Maharashtra. He loves making YouTube Videos on his treks and trips.


Bhavin Jain

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Pharmacist by profession and Traveler by passion. He has done more than 75 Treks in Maharashtra and also backpacks regularly across India.



Nikunj Savla

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Pravin Hawale

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Kapil Moryani

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Sarvesh Thakur

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Ankit Shukla

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Swanandi Hatkar

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Omkar Zagade

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Tushar Zore

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