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When you start trekking as young as an 8 year old kid

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My first trek was Bhimashankar via Ganesh Ghat.

I was being taught how to climb a rock when I was may be 8 years old by my Dad.
I still remember the hindi poem which I continously sung on a trail "Titli kitni rango wali pili buri kali kali"😂
And with this poem I used continously climb along with the Gaonwala which we had hired specially for me😂since I was small to take care waiting for my parents frequency.

The innumerable waterfalls in 1998 made me happy as well as fearful since I had not seen so much of water in life.
With the slipping legs and those white color power shoes with half pants on and blue color raincoat I reached the last patch which my father used to call the "Tisra Tappa". With those small "payvat" along with kadkya Gaonwala I reached Bhimashankar top.

This is the trek which will always be remembered by me as a first trek
I haven't done many treks with you guys , but know quite a few from your group.

It's great you guys explore so many unknown trails in Maharashtra. Hope to be with you soon...

Written by : Chirag Parmanand

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