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When you miss the train, not the Trek

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Here's the funny story of how I fell into love with nature,

So, it started four years back in 2016 when I did my first trek which was to Kalvantin (sorry prabalgad!🤭).

Let's start from beginning ,I have always been a nerd that we all have in our school, whose superpowers are books and biggest fear is sports' day! (Yeah! I know😅) Back in 2016, I was juggling between CA Final classes, college and articleship, (every CA aspirant will agree) which made me stressed out at the age of 18! ( Yeah! Tell me about it!) And that's when my friend Prathamesh ( A person for whom answer to most of the problems are MOUNTAINS!) suggested me to go on a trek! So that's it! So on a next weekend I decided to go with MT to Kalvantin trek!

Since, I and Prathamesh used to live across the lane. We decided to go together! I was very excited since it was my first trek and also was very frustrated with the routine! On the previous night, I set the alarm and slept after watching tonnes of photos of Kalvantin! So next morning, as decided he called me when he reached at our meeting point. And guess what? I had set the alarm for 5 PM instead of AM. I woke up when he called me asking"where r u?" And I said " sorry! Mi just uthley" ( I'd just woken up). He asked me whether I was joking and in very squeaky voice I denied that! I was very adamant to go, I said I want to come! He told me to get ready and said he will sort something out! Which he did!

I obviously had missed the train to reach Panvel on time! But there was someone else who had also missed that train, Madhura Joglekar! We had never met before so I didn't know how she look like. And I had to get onto the next train to reach the destination and there was no sign of her! Then, there I saw a girl running down the stairs, hustling,came in front of me and asked " trek?" ( Obviously with the bag and shoes on a weekend!) I said yes and we embarked on that train! I was delighted seeing her because travelling was still new to me, never been to Panvel before (only travel I had done back then was office and College and back home) the fact that I had to go to new place, ALONE; terrified me! But there she was! Sparkling brown eyes and smiling face! I was relieved! We got down at Thane where her four other friends were waiting for her (us!) All the adrenaline was pumped up by the time I reached Panvel! And there I saw around 40 people waiting for everyone to come! I was damn scared! (REALLY).

I met Prathamesh and all six of us started ascending.
I remember giggling and telling him, the nerve on my forehead is doing "dhuk dhuk"! And this was all sort of new to me! I was ecstatic!
Then after an half an hour or so! I started regretting to wear a 3/4th jeans on a rainy trek!😅( C'mon! I was new) Because I ripped back of my jeans while climbing a bit rocky patch! So I did best to hide that with tying my wind cheater around my waist!
Remember when I said I was afraid of any physical activity whatsoever, add "fear of heights" into it! There came a steep rise and it had small stones on it ( I knew this is where I am gonna fall) I started searching for Prathamesh, who was nowhere to be seen ( afterwards I came to know, he was somewhere in the back helping someone else). My legs started trembling and suddenly I couldn't even put my foot ahead! And I looked back! It was Aakash damle( Madhura's friend, whom I have met at Thane station ) I asked him to help me, told him I was scared! And god! He was such a gentleman he didn't left my side till I reach the top ( I suppose he knew, if he left I may never reach to top).

And then it was decided that we can't go to Kalvantin as one trek group was already there and there was no space for nearly 40 of us! And Kalvantin trek became Prabalgad trek! And again!

But God damn! When I reached at the top of Prabalgad and saw that orange flag soaring in wind! I felt mesmerized! The view from the top, foggy weather, chilling wind and drizzling rain!And the fact that I had reached at top! It gave me SATISFACTION! That all of that hustle was worth it!

​And that's how kids, I fell into love of sky,moon,stars,moutains,wind, trees,flowers,birds! I would do literally anything to feel that adrenaline through my veins again! I continued trekking after that! And since then, I stay madly in love with it! 💚💙

Written by : Sidhhi Tirlotkar

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