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Still Miles to go and lot to trek

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The background story

At some point of my life, i had surely wandered through lap of sahyadri and Himalayas, though none of those walks through lanes of mountain ranges would be technically called as "TREKS" , not even close ! And then after, when i was tossing up the choices for spending my precious post-exam holidays productively, i landed accidentally with plan of Sagargad Night trek with Mumbai trekkers.
Formalities were followed by minor shopping, stuffing the bag with food and hell lot of water storage, me and my hostel buddies sneaked out of hostel , at the time when it usually gets locked up! Tada ! That was itself beginning of of thrill !!

" Trek chalein hum "

One by one, i got to meet my trek companions from MT, and it took us less than 15 mins to blend in the team. The exciting talks, high music ,flew off 3 hrs of travel journey to trek destination. The absolute dark sky over head, strange sounds of night creatures, surprise visits of frogs and rough pebbly road, were not enough to take down that 2 yr old kiddo inside me, who was dancing with concept of trek ! Until !!
Until, the real ascend began ! The bubble of my over excitment bursted hardly over my face, when i realised i was drained out of energy, in quarter trek itself ! Running out of batteries, blacked out me sat quickly down.

And i thought it was impossible to ascend further !

And so does began the series of questions raising doubt about my decision to come over night trek, which broke with silent fact that, once you climb up for ascend ,there are no backward steps!
I gulped boosting n caressing words of my teammates with few sips of water and stood up again to walk further. After a small break at first resting spot , i gained back the spunk and was back on trek track.

And the bliss !!

By far the voyage of impossible things had shifted to exciting happening things. Step by step , we covered the hike diagonally, grasping the features of fort like Vanarlingi point, the Idol of Shivaji Maharaj, the Lord Hanuman temple . And finally when we reach the highest point of trek , it was pure bliss !
The part of me who was cursing for making trek plan, was already proven idiot and laughing on own . And the whole n sole me, was trying to absorb the conquering and positive vibes, calming breezes , captivating wonders of nature and beautiful birth of sun through mountain ranges in front of me!!

More surprises of the day!

Witnessing heavenly paradise at Sagargad, was just beginning of fascinating cascade ! A tiny trek of korlai, rolled out, another set of utmost calm views for me. And the icing on cake was visit to alibagh beach that followed. And what a perfect end to beautiful day , that began with sight of sunrise on top of mountain and finished with sunset at beach !!

Still miles to go and lot more to trek !!

My first ever trek and what an amazing experience. On my return journey i had box of sweetest memories, bunch of lessons for life, couple of views of nature's beauty and wonderful crazy friends that would last forever and huge respect for team of Mumbai trekkers who nurture, promote our privileged forts and their legacy !!
My first ever trek bounded me with pact to carry forward the trek diaries and said

" Still miles to go and lot to trek !! "

Written by : Rutuja Patil

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