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Started trekking as Ragging activity, continued even in her busy schedule as a Doctor

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How I began trekking,
Although I stay in Mumbai now, I don’t come from a place having good trekking connection.

When I first moved to Mumbai in 2010 for graduation I was naive to trekking. As ragging had far gone away we were welcomed by seniors with freshers trek. Little did I know what it was going to be. For me it was a chance to make friends and feel little less lonely at a place far away from home. So obviously I took it.

It was a monsoon trek and we had decided to start in moonlight. Moving along slippery path step by step with kind of unknown people didn’t feel like a task. It was surreal. Although slippery stones and mud did make me fall innumerable times, so hard that I couldn’t move next day. But that didn’t make me turn my face away from it in fact after that my love for trekking has grown since then. I would grab every opportunity of trekking with college group.

I wish I knew about groups like MT then.
Being a doctor doesn’t leave me with much time for trekking but I try to squeeze in one now and then. Still an amateur but I know I wouldn’t leave a chance if given one. My last trek was Sandhan Valley with MT and I look forward to many more to come.

Written by : Prachiti Gokhe

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