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Painting in the Sky

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Gazing at the dark sky, alot of thoughts ran through my mind. But thinking about the glitches in life would only ruin the beautiful night, so I thought about the stars; their distance from us.

Well neither am I a writer nor a scientist to come up with something magical, so I came up with something simple enough which a layman could understand.

The distance among the stars is such that it couldn't be measured in Kilometers or miles. So there is something called a light year, the distance a ray of light travels in a year is termed as a light year.

So I wondered how many light years far are these stars from us and will we ever reach to any of them?

Not all stars are at equal distances, some may be a few light years away or some may be thousands far.

So if the light takes a year to reach us from that star, it means the star we are seeing now is not how it looks like but it's how it looked a year before.

And I had read somewhere that some stars are millions of light years far from our planet.

I wonder if somebody from that Million Lightyear far planet is looking at us, is probably looking at the planet when dinosaurs lived.

It means our whole sky is not just one single time frame but a painting which transcends time.

At once we can see millions of different times unfold in front of us.

It makes me think more and more and more.

That's why star gazing is my favorite part of night treks.

Nature surprises us at every point. Just moments ago when I thought sunset was the most beautiful thing of the day, there came the night sparkling with stars.

It makes me believe that each Morning will bring something new and beautiful for us. We just need to keep our thoughts aside and live in the moment for a while.


Written by : Kartik Mehta

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