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First Trek and Inner Peace

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My first trek was Sondai on 15th September 2019.

I was eagerly waiting for this day n finally with help of my lovely friend cum motivational guru Akshata Salian we complete my dream.

It was really an amazing trek n great experience for me.

Never had the chance before to visit far lands with friends..this first one will b always special for me because it build the base for my love towards mountain trekking n travelling...

Undoubtedly Sondai is an easy trek, but it was very hard for me since i walk less on daily basis...

Light rain has began when we were climbing up,which make that trekking more exciting..i enjoyed rain,fog,wind. This combination of 3
inspired to go on top of the mountain..i also enjoyed d waterfalls too...n grt grt view of mountains n captured lots of pics as i m so much addicted to photography...The view, from up here, is amazing... after resting for a while we decided to make our way down. What goes up has to come down. The climb looked easy but the descent would not be so,road become too much slippery because mud n rain ,this was the most difficult part of the journey but thank God i had grt friends Akshata, Yogesh sir, Amruta Solanki n MT group who helped me there...!!!

That was the first time I realized how many other things I was capable of doing if only I tried...!!
There is no point in letting the fear of failure hold u back from doing something u want to do or capable of doing. Just start with venturing out, see how far u get, improve ur abilities and keep going...!!

This is how my first trek end up , trekking makes u feel alive,suddenly u feel more younger than ever.It is the best way to explore the newer u..!!!

U can say it was inner peace Or a better connect with the basic elements of nature (Air, Water, Earth, Fire)...!!!

Written by : Kanchan Dabhi

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