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11 Years of Trekking and still learning...

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It was year 2009, College, Coaching Classes and Articleship together made life quite hectic, at times weekend were blocked by classes too, then one Sunday my uncle took us on a Trek, it was Bhimashankar. I had heard quite a lot from him about this trek as he would visit it every year in Shrawan Month. Little did I know that this Trek will set a Path for my future and change my life completely.

Bhimashankar is not an easy trek for first timers, it wasn't for me either. I was tired during the trek, but the real pain came next day, yet it didn't stop me from thinking when I will be going back to this place again. Waterfalls, Fog, Forest Walk and finally reaching the Top it was first time I experienced nature so closely. I shared the pictures on social media and my friends started asking me about this trek, next year 5 of us went on the same trek and total 6 years later in 2015, 3 members from that trek became the Founder Members of this group, Mumbai Trekkers.

In those 6 years before starting MT, we did so many treks (almost 50 treks on our own, and our friends tagged along) and got better with organising treks and crowd management without even knowing, the learning part continues and it's been almost 11 years of my Trekking Journey yet I still look forward to Trek and Learn and feel there is a long way to go.

Written by : Kartik Mehta

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