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Grade : Easy

Region : Karjat

Base village : Avalas

Landmark : Palasdhari Railway Station

Number of Routes : 1

Highest Altitude : 2500 Feet (762m)

Trek Duration : 2.5 Hourse for Ascend, 2 Hours Descend

Surrounding Peaks : Rajmachi, Dhak, Bhimgad

Ideal Season : June to February (Monsoon months are good weather wise and Winter months for clear views)

Major Attarction :

Dense Jungle Walk, Panoramic View of Borghat, Irshalgad, Matheran Range of Mountains, Aerial View of Karjat-Lonavala Railway Line

Water Sources :

There are 2 dried up water tanks on the top, so one will have to carry water from base village itself.

Special thing about structure/route :

If you visit this fort in the month of September or October in late or post monsoon,you will get to see Sonki flowers all around.

History Info :

Ancient Name & Meaning (if any) :

Dheri / Palasdari fort

Brief War History :

No War History but Songiri is a small fort, and there are 2 dried up water tanks on the top, with remnants of ramparts and mansions. This was used as a watch tower.

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