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One Tree Hill

Grade : Easy

Region : Karjat

Base village :  Ambewadi

Landmark : Morbe Dam

Number of Routes : 1

Highest Altitude : 2625 Feet (800m)

Trek Duration : 3 hours ascend, 2 hours walk

Surrounding Peaks : One Tree Hill, Sondai

Ideal Season : June to September

Major Attarction :

View of Morbe Dam, Huge Plateau near Top, Peaceful forest walk in Matheran, Small waterfall near the top (only if it rains heavily)

Water Sources : 

Well at the start point of trek and shops near one tree hill point at Matheran after reaching top, where you will get water.

Special thing about structure/route :

One Tree Hil is famous for the small peak with a single tree, which remains risky to be climbed and hence that point on trek is just for the view and one should avoid climbing it.

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