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Grade : Easy

Region : Igatpuri

Base village : Kavnai

Landmark : Mukane Dam

Number of Routes : 1

Highest Altitude : 2500 Feet (762m)

Trek Duration : 1.5 Hours one way

Surrounding Peaks : Tringalwadi, Harihar

Ideal Season : November to March (Night Trek)

Major Attarction :

Sunrise from Top (Night Trek), Ladder Climb at Entrance of the fort, Water Cisterns, Caves, Small Pond, Bastion, View of Mukane Lake, Kamakshi Devi Temple at Top of Fort, View of Kalsubai, Trimbak Range, Tringalwadi on a clear day

Water Sources : 

Small Pond at Top. However water is not potable at times hence it is recommended to carry water from Base Village itself.


History Info :

Ancient Name & Meaning (if any) :

Located on a hill at Kavanai village and so the name derived from base village "Kavanai"

Era :

Built in 1760 by Mughal Dynasty

Brief War History :

This fort was ceded to Peshvas by Nizam under the terms of the treaty after the Battle of Udgir (1760). In the year 1818, when the Marathas were defeated at Trimbak,Kavnai, like Tringalwadi and fifteen other forts were fell without a struggle to the British. Captain Briggs visited the fort after his surrender and found two houses at the foothill of the fort where the Garrison used to live.

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