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Grade : Moderate

Region : Igatpuri

Base village : Bari/Indore

Landmark : Ghoti

Number of Routes : 2 (Bari and Indore)

Highest Altitude : 5400 Feet (1648m)

Trek Duration : 3.5 Hours ascend, 3 Hours descend

Surrounding Peaks : Vishramgad, Alang, Madan, Kulang and Ratangad

Ideal Season : June to February (Monsoon months are good weather wise and Winter months for clear views)

Major Attarction :

Highest Peak of Maharashtra, Temple at the Top, Thrilling Ladder climb near the Peak, 360 View of Different Mountain Ranges including Alang-Madan-Kulang, Ratangad and Bhandardhara Backwaters, Sunrise from Top (If you do a night trek in Winter)

Water Sources :

Small Well near the Top, water is available almost throughout the year.

History Info :

Kalsubai is said to take its name from a Koli girl named Kalsu.' Kalsu, according to the story, was fond of wandering in the forest. One day she came to Indore at the foot of the hill now called Kalsubai, and took service with a Koli family on condition that she should not be asked to clean pots or to sweep. Matters went smoothly till, one day, one of the family ordered Kalsu to clean some pots and clear away some Utter. She did as she was bid, bat, immediately after, climbed the hill and stayed on its top till her death. Where she cleaned the pots is known as Thale Mel, and where she cleared away the litter as Kaldara.

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