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Grade : Easy

Region : Palghar

Base village : Ambadi

Landmark : Surya River

Number of Routes : 1

Highest Altitude : 1558 Feet (475m)

Trek Duration : 1.5 Hour ascend, 1 hour descend

Surrounding Peaks : Asherigad, Kohoj and Takmak Fort

Ideal Season : June to February (Monsoon months are good weather wise and Winter months for clear views)

Major Attarction :

View of Surya River, Waghobaa Khind Temple, Devkhop Dam, Palghar Town and Nearby Mountain Range like Asherigad, Kohoj, Takmak Fort and View of Arabian Sea on a clear day.

Water Sources :

There is a big water tank on top. A cistern can also be found. Water is available in tanks throughout the year. However water is not potable at times hence it is recommended to carry water from Base Village itself.

Special thing about structure/route :

Top of the fort is just a big rectangular rock. Due to this rock it’s quite easy to locate the fort from a distance. The area should comprise half an acre. On the plateau under the rock patch, there is a big water tank. The fort can be conceived as divided in 2 parts namely top of the fort and plateau below.

Other Special thing :

Due to availability of good forest land, healthy population of tribes still exists. They live a quite backward life.

History Info :

Kaldurg cannot be called a fort in traditional sense. It shows no signs of being a fort. It could have been a location for observing and keeping a watch on the region (Tehelani).

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