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27th July, 2024

Grade: Easy
Highest Altitude: 4383 Feet

Trek Fee: ₹1,000



27th July, 2024

Grade: Moderate
Highest Altitude: 2200 Feet

Trek Fee: ₹1,350



May to October

Type: Backpacking Tour
Days: 7 Days

Trek Fee: ₹15,500


The best trek group. I hv been going with them since 2015, professionally managed, economical and all trek leaders are really helpful and motivating. They only take small batches. Go to a place for any beginner or novice. Keep up the good work.

- Jeegar Shah


Prior to meeting MT i had been to 4-5 treks with other grps but after my first trek to bhimashankar with MT i did not find the need to look for any other grp that itself speaks for the bond i began to share with MT with the very first trek! The journey with MT is all filled with memories right from the langar trek of bhimashankar to the faddu descend of harihar to cricket at one tree hill and much more.

- Parth Jani


For me, whenever i think of trekking, 1st thought is always MT. And it feels proud to be part of this group since beginning, knowing that it is touching new heights. Kudos to its Leaders and Co-Leaders for making trekking wonderful experience for all.. be it new comers or and experienced person. And putting unparalleled efforts of smoothly organising each and every trek.

- Mayur Poladia

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-06 at 8.07.27 PM.

One of the best trekkers group in Maharashtra .. beautifully planned trips and in one the most adventurous areas. Very supportive leaders and must go for all new timers and reference to all age groups .. all treks of them are nice refreshing and enjoyable after a monotonous routine.

- Prerna A Jain


Its been almost more than 2 years now I am trekking with Mumbai Trekkers. I had gone with one of my friend whom I met on another trek. It was Ulhas Valley winter trek, near Lonavla. We met did trek and was about to leave and my friend told me that they are going to Sandhan valley next week and I wanted to go to Sandhan since I started trekking so it was great opportunity for me to go and then finally I decided to go, and the 1st reason to go for the trek with MT was cost, it was very reasonable compared to other trek groups, 2nd was the leads, all are young, full of enthusiasm and humor❤, you will never feel lonely for a second through out the trek and 3rd and foremost reason is one of the trek lead aka Batman our very own Kartik Mehta click some awesome pictures of you😬
After Sandhan I almost went on all treks with MT and it feels like SECOND HOME to me now❤

- Sayli Thakur

About Us

We are a adventure/trekking group in Maharashtra. Also a member of MAC (Maharashtra Adventure Council). We officially started operating back in 2015 and have organized more 300 events so far. We are not just into organizing treks but we also organize camping, waterfall rappelling, river rafting, backpacking tours and much more.Our team is committed towards your safety and overall good experience.

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