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A Trek event exactly as you wanted

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The one day range trek!

​"When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream" ~Alchemist

Starting a story with this quote sounds cliché, but I mentioned it coz I always thought this quote is for fulfilling your life goal, you know like..those big achievements. But probably that's not true.

After doing few treks in Sahyadris including the mighty AMK, the peak of Kalavantin durg still eluded me. Reason being her sister trek Prabhalgad :) I always wished to do this both in a single go i.e as a Range Trek.
But none of the trekking groups in Mumbai offer them as a single trek. I never joined my friends who did them as separate treks. Once in a discussion with a friend on trekking, I said for me it's either both or none. The next morning she forwarded a msg and said "wasn't this you were waiting for?" To my surprise it was about a one day trek to Kalavantin & Prabhalgad by Mumbai Trekkers!

​This was my first trek with MT and I knew no one in the group of 15. Ameet & Prathamesh were leading this pack. After star gazing at Prabalmachi (yes,yes night trek!) we picked Prabalgad, reached the top by 4am and patiently waited for the sunrise and pure view of Kalavantin.

​The next destination was the spiral & steep rock-cut steps of Kalavantin inclined at 80°. The turns were threatening yet exciting, and the descend is not for the faint hearted. But for me the most exciting part was climbing the last rock patch. You are assisted with only a rope and if aren't alert you are sure to get few scratches.

​The view from the top of Kalavantin, at around 1640 ft, was mesmerising. It was all cloudy and the whole landscape was just beautiful. It was at this moment I realised the quote of Alchemist, that it really happened! The quote is applicable to every wish. The raise-your-hand pose at Kalavantin top still adorns my Instagram DP.

That's the beauty of treks: apart from a chance to be with Nature and meeting wonderful people it teaches you LIFE lessons. If you have the patience, you goals will approach you!

Written by : Mahendra

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