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Grade : Moderate

Region : Palghar

Base village : Vaghote

Landmark : Manor

Number of Routes : 1

Highest Altitude : 3200 Feet (975m)

Trek Duration : 3.5-4 Hours Ascend, 3 Hours descend

Surrounding Peaks : Tandulwadi Fort, Takmak Fort, Asherigad

Ideal Season : July to September

Major Attarction :

Lake at the Base, Human shaped Pinnacle and Temple at Top, 360 View of Palghar Range of Mountains, On a clear day one can see Arabian Sea

On reaching the plateau of the fort, a temple of Lord Shankar can be seen, which has now been rehabilitated. Two cisterns can be seen in front of the temple.

Water Sources : 

There is a perennial source of drinking water on the fort. Water Cisterns are there near the Top and on the Plateau. Also few water streams along the way in Monsoon Season. However water is not potable at times hence it is recommended to carry water from Base Village itself in season other than Monsoon.

Special thing about structure/route :

A man-shaped pinnacle is one of the wonder of nature’s creation. This is the most attractive place on the fort.

Other Special thing :

Dam/Lake at the Base has shallow water on the shores and hence ideal for taking a dip after the trek. 

History Info :

Era :

Looking at its well-dug cisterns, the fort can be said to be belonging to Bhoj-period. But no such evidences are available.

Brief War History :

16th century, Portuguese captured this fort from the King of Gujarat. They constructed fortifications and bastions on this fort. Later, in 18th century, Peshwe conquered this fort in their campaign of 1737. Afterwards the fort remained under the British rule.

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